You're Selling Your Home - How Do You Spend The Money?

You have decided to sell your home. How are you going to decide what to do with your money, and/or spend the money? 

I am going to help you decide!

You may have had to consider where to move, what furnishings to keep, what furnishings to sell, placing your kids in new schools, etc.,etc.

These decisions are all important. However, what you are going to do with the money when your sale closes escrow may be the most important you will have to make!

How much money do you expect to net from the sale? Let's say, for example, that you are going to receive $100,000. $100,000 means that you can have potentially 100,000 mini-decisions to make!

You obviously are not going to get that granular. However, you will probably take a look at several areas that you may decide to allocate the funds to.

Let's look at some of these areas and some of the decisions that need to be made in these areas:

  1. Real Estate: Do you buy a home or rent? If you decide to buy, do you pay cash or get a mortgage? If you get a mortgage, what is the appropriate amount to allocate toward a down payment?
  2.  Savings: What is the appropriate amount to set aside in a rainy day fund? What are the appropriate savings vehicles to place these funds in?
  3. Debt: Do you pay off other debt? if so, which debts should be paid off first? How much debt do you pay off? Does it make sense to leave any debt items as is?
  4. College Funding: Do you set aside some of the funds to finance higher education for your children? If so, how much? What portion of higher education do you expect your children to pay? How much will college cost in the future?
  5. Retirement: Do you set aside some of the funds for your retirement? If so, which asset classes do you allocate these funds to?

As you can see, there are a lot of important decisions to make! Each decision in these categories is important by itself. You also need to remember that a decision made in one category will affect resources available for other categories. These decisions are dynamic!

For example, suppose you want to pay cash for the next home you purchase. No mortgage, that's great! However, that means less $$ available for college funding, paying off other debt, and setting aside funds for retirement. 

I am not saying that paying cash for a home is a bad decision - I am saying that this decision needs to be made with clarity and confidence with regards to how it affects your other financial concerns!

We can help sellers gain clarity and confidence regarding these decisions.

We use our proprietary software, Opes Advantage, to help sellers make effective financial decisions. We can model many different "what if?" scenarios in order to give a seller a visual into how their allocation decisions will affect them now and into the future. 

You may be interested in how old you will be when you run out of liquid assets and have to sell your home - we can model that! If you think the age it concludes that you will run out of money is too young (or too old), we can make changes in the model to approach the age you are more comfortable with!

Here is a short two minute video in which our CEO, Susan McHan, describes the benefits of Op Advantage (click the picture to go the website that has the video):

The need to make good financial decisions arises at critical moments throughout your life. Deciding what to do with your sale proceeds is one of these critical moments. This complementary service we offer will help you see and evaluate your options in order to make effective financial decisions for you and your family! 




Do you need help making an effective financial decision? Call or text me at (650) 222-0386, or e-mail me.









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