Burlingame AYSO starts this weekend

 Burlingame AYSO has its opening weekend this Saturday and Sunday, September 12th and 13th. Festivities start off with the annual parade at Burlingame High School. If you haven't been to the parade, you are in for a treat!

soccer ball


Burlingame AYSO brings in local dignitaries, such as the mayor, council members, and local religious leaders to kick off the parade with speeches. The Burlingame High School cheerleaders are present to cheer on the young soccer players. There's a lot of action happening on and around the football field. However, the real action is behind the football field, where our young athletes line up for the parade!

Kids chasing their buddies, dogs chasing kids, and coffee drinking parents trying to keep 6 year olds lined up in a straight line while they wait there turn to enter the stadium are just some of the sights you will see on the softball field. I consider the Burlingame AYSO soccer parade a right of passage into Burlingameparenthood!

Once you and your kids enter the stadium, you will see a flood of players and banners marching around the field. Burlingame AYSO has given the kids the chance to choose their team name. Blue Hobos, Fashion Police, Swimming Salmons, and Pink Booomerangs are the names of some of the teams my kids have played on.

soccer parade

Once the parade is over, if you want to smile and chuckle, stick around and watch the 6 year olds and under play on the softball field. Burlingame AYSO has a league for kids of all ages!

Fields all over the town are used by Burlingame AYSO. If memory serves me correctly, the 8 year olds and under play at Washington Park. BIS Osberg field, Franklin Field, Cuernavaca Park, Bayside Park, and Jim Murray field (named after the former AYSO President) are also used.

Bayside Park

The Burlingame AYSO opening weekend usually consists of a game on Saturday and a game on Sunday. Make sure you bring your lawn chairs and sunscreen - it's supposed to be pretty hot!

One of the staples of the Burlingame AYSO soccer season is every parent's favorite, the snack schedule. The kids love to have oranges and water at halftime, and a drink and snack after the game. Don't forget to mark your snack day on your calendar. God help you if you forget, with 12 sad faces looking right at you!

As the season winds down, the competition ends with the Burlingame Cup. I have seen some of the most exciting soccer games in Burlingame AYSO during the Cup playoffs.

If a Cup game ends tied, overtime is played. If no one scores during the overtime, players are taken off of each side. I have seen some playoff games end up in two on two! Imagine running all the way up and down the field after four overtimes! Burlingame AYSO really makes it exciting with this format to determine a winner!

Burlingame AYSO does a great job teaching the kids about teamwork, competition, and athleticism. Most of all, it's just a lot of fun! See you on the field.

kids palying soccer



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Burlingame AYSO starts this weekend
Burlingame AYSO has its opening weekend this Saturday and Sunday, September 12th and 13th. Festivities start off with the annual parade at Burlingame High School. If you haven't been to the parade, you are in for a treat! &… more
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