Homes For Sale in Hillsborough CA Over Ten Million

Homes For Sale In Hillsborough CA Over Ten Million

Hillsborough has many expensive homes. It is located conveniently in between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. If you are looking at homes for sale in Hillsborough CA over ten million dollars, there are usually several on the market.

Generally speaking, the homes in this price range have over one acre of land, and the houses more than 5000 square feet. They often offer views of the Bay Area.

There are three public grade schools in Hillsborough, along with a public intermediate school (grades six through eight).

Hillsborough is the home of the Burlingame Country Club, one of the oldest country clubs located West of the Mississippi.

One of the most famous residents of Hillsborough was Bing Crosby.

Hillsborough is notable for its abundance of trees, and lack of sidewalks and street lights. It also does not have a commercial business district. Burlingame, the adjoining town, is where many of the Hillsborough residents go to do their shopping.

Its most popular event is the Concours D Elegance, a car show with few rivals!

Hillsborough real estate agent Charlie Griffith notes that these luxury homes in Hillsborough over ten million dollars are often purchased by venture capitalists, high tech executives, and investment professionals. Hillsborough realtor Charles Griffith

The quiet atmosphere, its convenient location, award winning schools, and its beautiful homes make the city of Hillsborough attractive to home buyers!

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Homes For Sale in Hillsborough CA Over Ten Million
Homes For Sale In Hillsborough CA Over Ten Million Hillsborough has many expensive homes. It is located conveniently in between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. If you are looking at homes for sale in Hillsborough CA over ten million dollars.. more
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