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There is plenty of information being disseminated as to why jumbo mortgage rates have increased recently. What hasn't been discussed as much is that there are some lenders who are offering attractive jumbo rates - you just need to do a little work to find them.

If you think rates are going to stay low for a while, Suntrust Mortgage is offering very attractive adjustable jumbo rates. For example, today they are offering a wholesale base rate of 4.625% on a 6 month adjustable with a rebate of .215% to the broker (there may be other charges on top of this - consult with your local broker). Interest-only payments and stated income documentation are offered also.

If your time horizon for your loan is longer, ING Mortgage is offering a jumbo adjustable rate with the first 5 years fixed at 4.875% with a base cost of 1.625 points (again, the broker will add on his fee on top of this cost). Interest-only payments are available, and you do not have to disclose your liquid assets!

If you need to borrow a lot of money (up to $5 million), First Federal Bank has some attractive options. They are offering a jumbo adjustable rate with the first 5 years fixed at 5.15% with a base cost of 1.125 points plus the broker fee. A 3 year pre-payment penalty is required, but they have other terms with a shorter pre-payment term, or no pre-payment penalty at all. For you borrowers with super jumbo rate needs, this could be the lender for you.

 Again, there are attractive jumbo rates available. Contact a competent mortgage loan officer to help you find the best program.

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